Photo Galleries: Architectural Awards

Do you have a nomination for our 2019 Architectural Awards?

Have you noticed an historic building that is “looking good” this year? We want to honor people who have invested in the preservation and beautification of their home or building, a significant effort that makes Gilroy a better place. You can easily nominate a building for the 2019 Architectural Awards, to be presented at the Society’s Annual Meeting in June. Send your nomination by March 31st using any of these methods:

Please include your name, the street address of the nominee, and a brief explanation of why you think the building or residence deserves an award in one of these categories:

  1. Historic Design Award – for a new building in the downtown area that complements the original historic buildings or enhances the Downtown Historic District area

  2. Historic Commercial Building Award – for a building at least 50 years old in the downtown Historic District or on an Historic Site that restores, retains or preserves the building’s historical, cultural or architectural values.

  3. Historic House Award – for a home that is at least 50 years old that is an outstanding example of restoration and renovation. Exterior only.

  4. Certificate of Commendation – for residential, commercial or “other”. This could be for new construction, restoration, renovation, additions, landscaping, painting or significant improvement.

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