Goals of the Society

  • Act as a support group for the city-owned Gilroy Museum.

  • Encourage donations of local historic materials of all types to the museum.

  • Purchase equipment or historic materials or accept donations to the museum.

  • Act as docents or researchers at the museum.

  • Lead walking tours to local historic sites.

  • Publish a newsletter, disseminate historical information, and stimulate interest in Gilroy's past by contributing articles to news sources.

  • Mark historic buildings, sites, trails.

  • Give scholarships to students of history.

  • Present awards to groups or individuals who have contributed to a better understanding of local history.

  • Preserve historic materials for donation to the museum.

  • Support and encourage preservation of buildings and sites of historic importance.

  • Provide programs for members and the public to increase awareness and understanding of history.

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